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“Expressive and virtuosic…much to admire”  The New York Times



Kind words from a recent presenter:  Houston, Texas, December 3, 2016
   “The concert still reverberates around here, it was just thrilling.
 What a gift to be able to communicate the beauties of this unknown and almost forgotten music to an audience
that knows very little of it — and then bring them to their feet!”

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Did you hear that in September I collapsed on stage and almost died from an aortic dissection? True, and I’m very glad to be with you now. Scroll down this HOME page to my blog and read about it.


TINA CHANCEY is a performer, arranger, teacher, recording producer and writer.
For 40 years she has played: Viola da gamba, Pardessus de viole, Medieval fiddles: vielle, rebec & kamenj, Renaissance violin and Irish and Old Time fiddle on roots music from Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque to Sephardic, Appalachian, British & Spanish Colonial, Irish and Balkan

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