Solo & Freelance

Tina pix FauvelI perform:

  • Early music: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque,  British & Spanish Colonial
  • American traditional music: Old Time, Blues, Swing, Contra
  • World music: Sephardic, Irish, Balkan, Ecuadoreanon viols, and medieval and traditional fiddles. My home instrument is the bass viola da gamba.

The viol is a versatile instrument. With six strings and frets it’s like a bowed guitar, playing tunes, accompaniments or both at the same time. Its wide range, from the D below the bass staff to the D near the top of the treble staff,  just above the fret, lets it play any part from soprano to bass. This versatility makes the viol a welcome guest in many musical cultures. There’s an impressive renaissance and baroque solo repertoire for viol and many  excellent players specialize in that; I’m a crossover musician, myself.