Caix 2Six Sonatas by Barthélemy de Caix

First recording of these virtuosic 18th century duos for two five-string pardessus de viole by the Duo Guersan:  Tina Chancey and Catharina Meints. The pardessus was originally created so well-bred Frenchwomen could play Corelli’s violin works without holding one on their shoulder. Here the pardessus comes into its own.



Leclair 2Leclair Violin Sonatas

Magnificent violin sonatas by Jean-Marie Leclair, interpreted by Tina Chancey, five-string pardessus de viole; Susie Napper, viola da gamba; Webb Wiggins, harpsichord.



Am LandscapesAmerican Landscapes

Any recording starting with “I’m an Old Cowhand” on the viol  can’t be all bad. Blues, swing, Old Time, Provençal and Early music tunes, plus the Incredible String Band’s “My Name is Death,” with by Tina Chancey (viol, kamenj, rebec), Molly Andrews (vocals), Zan McLeod (guitar), Bruce Hutton (uke, guitar, vocals) and friends.


The Versatile Viol300dpiThe Versatile Viol: Scots-Irish Music

Scots-Irish music from the earliest sources on viol, with Scott Reiss, Zan McLeod, Joseph Gascho, Sue Richards and Robert Spates.