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Published writings and conference papers include book reviews, interviews and articles on Early Music, Traditional Music, Early-Traditional Music Crossover, Improvisation and Playing by Ear, Music Education, Scoring Silent Films, and the Pardessus de Viole.


38 Books reviews for Early Music America magazine (2004-present)

  • "Marketing Early MusicEMA (Fall 2015)
  • "Viola da Gamba Dojo: A Cross-Generational Community Learns to Love the ViolEMA (Fall 2014)
  • "I have a Friend named Viola: Presenting Music Workshops in the SchoolsEMA (Spring 2012)
  • "SoundCatcher: How to Play by EarAmerican Recorder (November 2011)
  • "Contextual Improvisation: Why Swat Flies with a Frisbee?EMA (Spring 2011)
  • "Contextual Improvisation: Why Swat Flies with a Frisbee?EMA 17/2 (Spring 2011): 56-65
  • "Shelly Gruskin: ‘I feel like a Millionaire’EMA 9/2 (Spring 2003): 41-45
  • "Fletcher Collins, Song CatcherEMA 8/2 (Spring 2002): 35-53
  • "Voices from the Cutting EdgeEMA 7/2 (Spring 2001): 24-30
  • "Letter from IrelandStrings Magazine 67 (November/December 1999): 45-49
  • "Tina Chancey & Judith Kraft: A Successful CollaborationStrings Magazine 65 (November/ December 1997): 29-34
  • "Where does History (& Early Music) Go from Here?EMA 1/2 (Winter 1995): 36-37
  • "Part One: Where has History Gone and Why?EMA 1/1 (Fall 1995): 38
  • "An introduction to grant writing for early music ensemblesA guide to Funding Early Music: Early Music America Information Resource Series 3 (1994): 1-7
  • "Crossing Over: HESPERUS in the Far EastHistorical Performance 6/1 (Spring 1993): 55-6
  • "Tracing an Encounter Between Two WorldsEncounters 9 (Summer 1992): 31
  • "Early Music from Colonial Latin AmericaContinuo 16/2 (April 1992): 20-22
  • "The Pardessus de VioleStrings Magazine 6/5 (March/April 1992): 64-66
  • "What a little moonlighting can doHistorical Performance 4/2  (Fall 1991): 101-102
  • "HESPERUS Crosses OverCadenza Magazine 5 (May 1990): 7-8


  • "Barthelemy de Caix, the pardessus de viole, and the Politics of VirtuosityJournal, Stiftung Kloster Michaelstein (Spring 2015)
  • "Review of “Susan Orlando, ed. The Italian Viola da Gamba: Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Italian Viola da GambaJournal of the American Musical Instrument Society XXXI (2005): 85-86
  • "Review of “Sterling Scott Jones, The Lira da BraccioJournal of the American Musical Instrument Society XXIV (1998): 151-153
  • "Gender, Class and Eighteenth-Century French Music: Barthélemy de Caix’s Six Sonatas for Two Unaccompanied Pardessus de Viole, Part IIJournal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America XXXIV (1997): 47-64
  • "Gender, Class and Eighteenth-Century French Music: Barthélemy de Caix’s Six Sonatas for Two Unaccompanied Pardessus de Viole, Part IJournal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America XXXIII (1996): 47-78
  • "Spain in the New WorldEarly Music America Educational Resource Units (1995): 25pp



  • "Improvising to “The Mark of Zorro”: The Politics of Collaboration with two or more preexistent partnersInternational Society for Improvised Music Conference, Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland, 2015
  • "Hesperus plays Zorro: Improvisation, Early Music and Early Film–Expanding the PracticeInternational Society for Improvised Music Conference, June 2014
  • "Barthelemy de Caix and the Politics of VirtuosityStiftung Kloster Michaelstein, Blankenburg, Germany, November 2010
  • "Will the Real Robin Hood Please Stand Up?Madison Early Music Festival, Madison, WI, July 2010
  • "In Sherwood Lived Stout Robin Hood: Creating a film score with historically appropriate musicMusic and the Moving Image Conference, New York University, May 2007
  • "Adam de la Halle, Henry VIII and Robin and MarianRobin Hood Conference, University of Delaware, September 2005
  • "A Comparison of two Pardessus de Viole in the Boston Museum of Fine ArtsAmerican Musical Instrument Society, June 2002
  • "Medieval-Appalachian Crossover Fusion and the Chimera of AuthenticityDunbar Early Music Festival, Northwestern University, January 2001
  • "Gendered Musical InstrumentsAttending to Women Conference, University of Maryland, November 2000
  • "Introducing the Pardessus de VioleMusical Intersections, Toronto, November 2000
  • "The Concerto delle Donne and the Spice Girls have more in common than you thinkPerformance Today, National Public Radio, March 1999
  • "Gender, Class and Eighteenth-Century French Music National Museum of Women in the Arts, January 1997
  • "Les Filles de Ste. Colombe: Women and the Viol, 1660-1760Society for Interdisciplinary French 17th-century Studies, October 1996
  • "The Search for Mademoiselle LeviAmerican Musical Instrument Society, May 1996
  • "Lucette, Liberated Woman or Hoax?National Museum of Women in the Arts, March 1996
  • "From Donna di Palazzo to Concerto delle Donna and BeyondNational Museum of Women in the Arts, May 1995