Fêtes Galantes Tour launches September 10 in Vancouver

Fêtes Galantes: A 20-concert tour celebrating the small but mighty bowed string instruments of the High Baroque, and the women who played them. A core group of Tina Chancey (pardessus and treble viol), John Mark Rozendaal (bass viol) and Webb Wiggins (harpsichord) perform 18th c. French and Italian chamber music by Couperin, Corelli, Marais and Corrette.  Special features—an intriguing 18th c. chamber version of Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and the first modern performance of Antoine Forqueray’s fiendishly difficult bass viol music, all featuring pardessus.

Chancey, Rozendaal and Wiggins are joined by Annalisa Pappano and Joanna Blendulf on September 10 (Vancouver) and 11 (Victoria); and by Catharina Meints on November 18 and 20th. For more information, please visit this link.

Vancouver poster